Blue Bird Tutu

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Perfect tutu for Blue Bird. The bodice is made with eight pieces of semi stretch satin with peacock feathers applique. The top layer of tulle is embellished with unique feather applique and multiple additional embroidery. 

It is suitable for many classical role of the ballet repertoire: Blue Bird

Custom made, 13 layers of scalloped tulle of the tutu, inner basque and string at back for extra support. V cut in the front and a nude insert.

There might be minor variation in final product due to lace batch changes.

Using the chart image to provide the following measurements in centimeters at shopping cart "special instructions for seller" message box

1. Height (cm)
2..Weight (kg)
3. Bust (cm) - line #8 
4. Waist (cm) - line #10 
5. Hip (cm) - line #13 
6. Length of upper body (cm) - line #11

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